Sri Lanka War details
IPU (India-Portuguese Union) anti-IPU
India Sri Lanka
Portugal Pakistan
IPU Russia
Forces Forces
4,500,000 (until Feb.12th)
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg
1,800,000 (until Feb. 12th)
Flag of Portugal.svg
Flag of Pakistan
6,300,000 (from Feb. 12th)
Flag of TCU V2
Flag of Russia
total: 6,300,000 total: 6,383,981
Casualties Casualties
Forces: 77,900 (mainly forces that are trying to land on Sri Lanka) Forces: 104,000 (mainly Pakistani forces)
Civilians: 800 (From a typhoon) Civilians: 1700 (mystery missile shots that landed on Pakistan)


  • India attack Sri Lanka without a warning at Jan 17, which shock the world. Russian forces then quickly reached Sri Lanka which stopped the invasion of Sri Lanka. Pakistan then send around 1.7 million forces to help Russia out.
  • Since Pakistan is one of India's enemy now, India launched a surprise attack on Pakistan, which quickly gains Sindh in nearly no time.
  • around October, South Balochistan was invaded.
  • October 17th, eastern Gilgit-Balistan was UNOFFICIALLY annexed to India.
  • December 1st, Azad Kashmir was captured by a group of rebels.
  • December 3rd, A peace treaty was signed that Pakistan The following places of Pakistan will be annexed to India: 
    • Sindh
    • Southern Balochistan
    • Azad Kashmir
    • eastern Gilgit-Balistan.

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