PhysOrg has a story about research that may indicate that close to light speed travel is possible. From the article: 'New antigravity solution will enable space travel near speed of light by the end of this century, he predicts. On Tuesday, Feb. 14, noted physicist Dr. Franklin Felber will present his new exact solution of Einstein's 90-year-old gravitational field equation to the Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF) in Albuquerque. The solution is the first that accounts for masses moving near the speed of light.

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KRH E eq. M t. DdvdT t. DdvdT The Dr. Felber theory might explain the gravitational interference patterns on various parameters in my nanometer scale experimental results. Time and Space limits for clear gravitational communication and gravitational control are limited to a little less than 30days and a little less than a spherical shape with a diameter of 1 cm. Re. Nanometer scale cost effective rate of device or molecule production. The rate of production problem is controlled by what I call 1cm 'time accelerated/decelerated spheres'. The mega millions of product in the 1 CM sphere areas are produced in an 'apparent instant' as the products are moved into and out of the sphere areas.

Physics has determined that it is also possible to bend space time in such a way that it can be used as propulsion, and infinite speed- while simultaneously allowing time to pass in equal amounts within the moving ship and the rest of the universe.

The physics of the spheres would be off topic, because the mechanisms are smaller than the nanometer scale. But their applications to ongoing nanotechnology research is on topic for general discussion. As they are produced in the lab, the sub nanometer mechanisms are controlled and monitored at the nanometer scale and above.

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