The Hikari Hikari were the first species humanity made contact with that had discovered FTL on their own. They have superior senses of hearing, smell and sight and vast strength as well as an ability to turn into large, feral beasts completely at the mercy of their instincts. Normally they stand roughly 2 meters tall and look surprisingly similar to humans, a feature seen in very few species throughout the galaxy; the only major differences in physical appearance being their long pointed ears, cat like snout and large eyes, as well as their claws and prehensile tail. The Hikari-Hikari are a vast empire that, after the Star War with humanity, have established trade treaties and are now on neutral terms. They are physically very advanced, but mentally not much more advanced than Neanderthal Man. This is in part that the evolutionary history of the Hikari Hikari is considerably longer than humans. Their planet lies in an asteroid cluster and is constantly pummeled with micrometeorites causing brief planet wide meteor showers or "hard rain." Combined with Radiation storms from their second sun, a red dwarf star, and a very active tectonic network, Planet Hikari is extremely unstable and very hostile. This has slowed the development of advanced life forms significantly, so much so that the Hikari Hikari took at least twice as long as humans to evolve to where they currently are. Most of that evolutionary period was spent creating the basic necessities to survive on Planet Hikari, 2 cm thick skin that can withstand the hard rain and solar storms, as well as considerably durable organs that can survive bodily harm. Eyes built for seeing in the dark, an advanced muscle network of at least 1200 muscles, bones stronger than steel, and a very advanced hormone system that causes the Hikari Hikari to go into a berserkergang state where they revert to a primitive feline like state. This is caused by their small body hair standing up and revealing its normally unnoticeable color as well as going on all fours and the releasing of their claws. For all of these features the Hikari Hikari are very hard to kill by human standards, and have made the Hikari Hikari believe that they are superior to all other races.

Relationship to Humanity

The Hikari Hikari have grown up as a warrior based society and are considerably radical in their perception of anything new they encounter, bordering on xenophobia. First Contact with humanity was a considerable shock to their species, as they had long since considered themselves to be the most advanced civilization in the galaxy. Humans, along with being technologically on par and even more advanced than the Hikari Hikari in some areas, seemed to add insult to injury when the Hikari Hikari noticed how Humans bore a striking resemblance to a mythical race of monsters of their world, what they call the Corelia. The Corelia were to appear as peaceful wanderers, and offer good tidings to the Hikari Hikari, only to betray them to their doom shortly thereafter. Humans, unfortunately, fit the bill, and the Hikari Hikari began their war to destroy them.

Post War Genetic Modifications

After the Star War ended, humanity demanded as part of the peace treaty that the Hikari Hikari allow their entire population to be genetically modified to have more advanced brains, and be somewhat more docile towards the new. This provision came at gunpoint, as Humanity wanted to avoid any further conflict with the Hikari Hikari. The modifications elevated the Hikari Hikari brain to be on par with that of humanity, but allowed the Hikari Hikari to retain some of their aggressive traits that were essential to their society.

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