War in Canada
Date 9 May 2015—23 August 2016
Location Quebec
Result Canadian-American Victory, Republic of Quebec collapses
Spanish Rebels
  • Euskadi Ta Atakasuna (ETA)
  • Catalan Liberation Front
  • Asturian Liberation Front
  • Galician Liberation Front
  • Fuerzas Armadas Guanches
  • Andalusian Liberation Front
  • Resistencia Galega
  • Leonese Liberation Front
  • Cantabrian Liberation Front

Flag of Russia Russia

Flag of SpainSpanish Government
Flag of Quebec Darko Aguillon

Flag of Quebec Mila Adams
Flag of Quebec Paul-Henri Aries
Flag of Quebec Jaques Affre
Flag of QuebecFlag of Ukraine Vladko Staković
Flag of QuebecFlag of Georgia Andrei Mladić
Flag of QuebecFlag of Tajikistan Ante Vasilijević
Flag of QuebecFlag of Armenia Kren Kośek

Flag of Canada Steven Harper

Flag of Canada Paul Hellyer
Flag of Canada Gen. Michael Smith
Flag of Canada David Gargo
Flag of the United States Barack Obama
Flag of the United States Chuck Hagel
Flag of the United States Raymond Odinero
Flag of the United States Walter Roman

Start of war:

3,740,000 troops, 680 tanks, 87 warships, 500 aircraft
8,790,000 troops, 8,560 tanks, 300 warships, 3,600 aircraft

Start of war:

2,590,000 troops, 500 tanks, 70 warships, 120 aircraft
11,621,000 troops, 8,100 tanks, 120 warships, 500 aircraft

Casualties and losses
Spanish Rebels:

2,700,000 killed or sick
2,850,000 wounded
3,981 tanks destroyed or captured
98 warships destroyed or captured
784 aircraft destroyed or captured
5,000,000—15,000,000 civilians killed or injured

Spanish Government :

3,678,000 killed or sick
4,700 tanks destroyed or captured
173 warships destroyed or captured
2,300 aircraft destroyed or captured

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