Space Colonization had been something hoped for since the Cold War but such accomplishments were impossible for that time and remained so throughout most of the 21st Century.

By the Mid 22nd Century, Scientists were able to confirm a long-hypothesized theory that the Solar System was trapped in a Gas Bubble. This effected Plans for Interstellar travel and made it impossible for ships to get past it.

The Governments of the World decided that they needed to only settle within the Solar System. they also proposed settlements in the areas around Earth, Mars and Venus.

By this time however, there had already been a Human on Mars, a Eurasian Cosmonaut and and American Astronaut which landed there two years later.


Scientist ultimately determined that Terraforming was impossible as it required vast amounts of money well beyond what any country or billionaire could afford.

Settlements had to be constructed through Bubble Domes and Sometimes, even Undergound. the United States and England oversaw the construction of the first Mars Settlements, New London and Roosevelt (named after both Teddy and FDR).

Roosevelt immediately grew to a population of 300 Million forcing them to construct a second settlement, Kennedy.

A Railway system connected the two settlements which were the size of the Midwestern United States.

A Terradome was built, the settlements of Roosevelt and Kennedy had their own environment. Light from the Sun was beamed in through a solar-powered machine and night was simulated as well. The States of Roosevelt and Kennedy were admitted on March 22, 2230.

Several Moons and Space settlements saw the rise of American, English and Japanese Powers. the Russians gained access to two massive settlements after 2300 adding them to the list.

A resurgent Russian Empire fell to Communism, the Soviet Socialist Union of Russia.

The Colonies were given the names of Novoleningrad, Novostalingrad and Putingrad. the Communist settlements managed to cause Russia to become a major superpower and once again the US, Russia and England were in a cold war.

The EU build settlements based on countries which led to the first nations to formed off Earth. New Prussia, Martio-Italia and the French Titanian Republic (French Titania)