This map game is now archived as an Inactive Map Game.

Hi, this is KingSepron (everyone calls me Sepron, i guess King wasn't good enough) and this was an idea i came up with! Enjoy!

Party Members

Sidewinder "Take your arms, and ignite the revolution"



5 Medical Supplies

0 Weapon Power


Chapter 1


(Debate in the comments over which to choose)(put your name next to one you vote for)

Asteroid 2A - Anxi District

This area promises a safe journey, but normally yields little reward

Asteroid 5A - Anxi District

This area promises a safe journey, but normally yields little reward

Asteroid 2P - Pearly District Aussie Flag Hey There!!!, It's me, Miro!!!Euflag

A high risk - high reward area, danger, yet it has a lot of monies

Asteroid 4W - Westeros District

An area with little interest, safe, but not too safe, while lucrative, but only in places

The MoonFlag of IndiaThis is Sailesh ,the BossFlag of Russia

An area with a lot of amateurs, stock up on supplies and steal from the locals, and each other, here.

Asteroid 8E - Eastern District

A district few people visit thanks to its overall strange feel

Asteroid 4C - City District

A district popular with tourists, has a lot of old ruins, and a lot of money

Asteroid 1N - North District Hi!, Who am I?, Want to know?, visit here, My wall! Garuda Pancasila.svg

A district with little that stands out, except its abundance of religious people of course

On Asteroid 1N

On the Asteroid, there is a huge church, with several jewels around it.

  • Stay in the Ship
  • Steal from the Church
  • Search Around the Church
  • Look Around the Church
  • Steal from Other Players (you can't as you are all poor)

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