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There would not be much to discuss about space if there were no spacecraft. Space is after all the last frontier, first pioneered in the 1960's and still being colonized very slowly.

In the future, trips to space will become more frequent, as humanity adapts to space and alters it to reflect its own needs.

But it is unlikely that space exploration will happen in a traditional sci-fi way, because we will not need the resources. We will not need rare ore (because everything can be made of carbon) or some exotic plants (because everything can be designed and nanomanufactured). We will not need super-powerful sources of energy, because you can easily convert solar energy into anti-matter. We will not need planets to grow food or produce stuff, because food can be manufactured anywhere using just basic atoms (with nanotechnology) and solar or fusion energy. We will not need living space, because there is enough space for trillions of people in the Solar system space settlements. Also, to answer all the demands above we will have perfect virtual reality where people take much less space and energy compared to real world. And by the time we run out of resources here (or they are simply not sufficient any longer) we would become quite strange beings indeed.

However, the drive to colonize space still exists. A permanent human prescence beyond Earth/Terra would double the species' chance of long-term survival. In the same way that successful species on Earth have always migrated and spread from their original habitats, it is very likely that some humans will do the same.