On May 1st, 2060, Roman Gundroponov made a speech in the Moscow Kremiln Proclaiming a New Soviet Union was at hand. During May Day Festivities, Gundrponov said that although the countries name (Eurasian Union) would not change, The Soviet Union was reborn and that a New era of Communism was upon the Soviet People. 


  • Flag of the United States United States - "The Decision Made by the Eurasian Government is a reflection of how the desire to ressurect the Soviet Union never truly vanquished. Today, We Must Stand Strong, and Protect our Western Alllies, just as we did all those years ago, from the evils of Communism."
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom - "The Proclamation in Moscow this Morning is without a doubt, the actions of a madman seeking to revive the long dead ways of the old Soviet Union. We Stand with our Allies and will do all we can to protect the world from the Horrors of Communist Tyranny."
  • Flag of Germany Germany - "Today, Will be a day long talked about in the history books. In the Past, Such bold declarations have only destroyed countries, not save them. We speak not only from first-hand experience, but from our memories as well. We will continue to protect our NATO allies and will make great strives to prevent the rise of Communism here, and abroad."

Military Buildup

NATO announced the construction of new military bases in Germany, Poland and Ukraine. Nuclear silos were constructed in Western Europe to house long-range ICBM's, targeted directly at Russia and other CSTO allies. This nearly led to a declaration of war between NATO and the CSTO. The War never came to fruition, as the West had no reason to engage the Soviets in the battlefield.

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