Southern Front (SRCW)
Date 2020-
Location Southern Russia
Result White Russian victory
Southern Russia defended from Communists
Flag of RussiaRussian White Movement

Ukraine flagUkraine

Russian Socialist RepublicRussian Socialist Republic
Flag of RussiaKazimir Samsonov

Flag of RussiaVassily Suvorov
Flag of RussiaVladimir Zelin †
Ukraine flagYakiv Kyrylo

Russian Socialist RepublicNikita Miroslav

Russian Socialist RepublicAlexander Kozhin †

Flag of Russia1.6 million+

Ukraine flag45,000+

Russian Socialist Republic2.1 million+
Casualties and losses
Flag of Russia400,000+

Ukraine flag22,000+

Russian Socialist Republic560,000+

The Southern Front was one theaters of war during the Second Russian Civil War, taking place in southern Russia. Unlike the Eastern Front, the Southern involved more contained fighting where formations were usually a hundred kilometers apart at most.

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