South American Unification (WW3)

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South American War of Unification
Part of World War 3
Date Aug. 2, 2020 - Sep. 6, 2020
Location Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana
Result The Brazilian Union has an invasion route for Central America

The Franco-German alliance joins the Alliance

The Brazilian Union absorbs all of northern South America

Flag of the United States The Alliance
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
Flag of Germany Germany


Flag of Brazil Brazilian Union

Flag of the United States Chris Christie

Flag of the United States David Cameron
Flag of Germany Dominik Müller

Flag of Brazil Josè Rabela
Flag of the United States 400,000

Flag of Germany 230,000

Flag of Brazil 900,000
Casualties and losses
Flag of the United States 400,000

Flag of Germany 150,000

Flag of Brazil 570,000


The unification of South America took place throughout August of 2020, shortly after the Brazilian Union joined the Axis Coalition. The purpose of the uniication was to absorb the northern part of South America into the Brazilian Union to gain straight access to the south shores of the United States. This resulted in the declaration of war on the Brazilian Union by the Franco-German alliance and the addition of France and Germany to the Alliance. Germany, the third largest military in the world, made a very important improvement to the Alliance.


August 2020

  • Aug. 1: The Brazilian Union finalizes its plans to invade Venezuela.
  • Aug. 2: Brazilian forces enter Venezuela from the south and follow the Caura River to the city of Maripa, where Venezuelan forces meet them.
  • Aug. 3: The Alliance sends forces to Venezuela. Brazilian forces push through the defensive lines in Maripa.
  • Aug. 4: Alliance forces bring Brazilians to a halt at the city of El Tigre. Brazilian forces begin occupying all of Venezuela south of Maripa.
  • Aug. 5: Half of the Brazilian invasion force leaves El Tigre and follows the Suata River north until they reach the ocean. Alliance forces and Brazilian forces are still locked in the Battle of El Tigre.
  • Aug. 6: The Brazilians follow the coast of Venezuela west to the capitol city of Caracas, where they set up a position and engage Alliance and Venezuelan forces. The Brazilians in El Tigre leave the city and head east toward Guyana, leaving a residual force behind to occupy the cities in eastern Venezuela. The Alliance interprets this as a retreat, and heads south to Maripa.
  • Aug. 7: The Brazilian Union annexes everything south of Maripa and east of El Tigre.
  • Aug. 8: Brazilian forces push into Caracas, taking heavy casualties from Alliance forces. The Brazilian Union invades Colombia and Guyana.
  • Aug. 9: Brazilian forces capture the cities of Matthews Ridge and Peters Mine in west Guyana.
  • Aug. 10: Brazilian planes bomb the city of Caracas and destroy key enemy positions, advancing a few miles further into the city. Brazilian helicopters drop troops off in Bartica, who then invade Georgetown through the water. Guyana surrenders almost an hour after they hit the beaches. Brazilian forces capture 7 cities in southern Colombia. The Alliance immediately dispatches forces to set up defenses along the Magdalena River.
  • Aug. 11: More than half of the invading Brazilians are locked in combat with Alliance forces along the river, and those who aren't cross the Guaviare River and capture Villavicencio. The entirety of Colombia west of the Magdalene and south of the Guiavare is annexed by the Brazilian Union.
  • Aug. 12. Brazilian forces are slaughtered trying to get across the Magdalene. Alliance forces begin to fall back in Caracas.
  • Aug. 13: Brazilians capture Bogota with little resistance and begin pushing west toward the Magdalena.
  • Aug. 14: The Brazilians win the Battle of Caracas. The Venezuelan government flees to Stockholm and the rest of the Alliance forces in Venezuela are rounded up and killed or captured before they can escape. Brazilian forces push west through Venezuela into Colombia and join the other forces west of the Magdalena.
  • Aug. 15: The rest of Venezuela is annexed and Brazilian forces surround the Magdalena. The Alliance surrenders and the Colombian government flees to Stockholm. The remaining Alliance forces are killed or captured. Brazilian forces enter Suriname from the south and west and it falls the same day.
  • Aug. 16: Brazilian forces invade French Guiana from the south and west. The Franco-German Alliance declares war on the Brazilian Union.
  • Aug. 17: Brazilian forces push all the way to Cayenne and occupy the western half of the territory. German forces arrive in Cayenne and engage the Brazilians in the long, bloody, battle of Cayenne.
  • Aug. 18: Colombia and Suriname are annexed by the Brazilian Union.
  • Aug. 19: German forces bombard the Brazilians with bombing runs. Germany invests in projects to develop new weaponry.
  • Aug. 20: The invasion of Panama begins and Brazilian reinforcements arrive in Cayenne.
  • Aug. 21: German forces reclaim Roura and begin moving along the Comté River.
  • Aug. 22: Brazilian forces bomb German positions in Cayenne and Roura. The Brazilian Union deploys navy ships to attack Cayenne from the sea.
  • Aug. 23: German forces reclaim Bèlizon. The Brazilian navy arrives at Cayenne and launched hundreds of missles at German positions before deploying ground forces on the beaches. The Germans are unable to sustain a two front battle and begin to be pushed into the center of the city. The Brazilian navy dispatches forces into Tonate who then push south toward Cayenne.
  • Aug. 24: Brazilian reinforcements enter Cayenne from the north and the Germans remove all forces from Bèlizon and Roura and deploy them to Cayenne.
  • Aug. 25: German forces are bombarded from 3 sides in a 12 day long stalemate

September 2020

  • Sep. 6: Exhausted German forces give up and retreat. French Guiana is annexed by the Brazilian Union. Germany and France join the Alliance

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