As a new-comer to the field of astro-consciousness the method of travelling between other dimensional portals is known as soul travel.


It is unclear what the origins are or who first invented Soul Travel. Yet conventional wisdom traces the origins of such an idea to the late 21st century. When the idea was first suggested by heiress of Carptenter Group Isabella Carpeter was shunned in the corporate world as a hippie-liberal communist. Though this ridicule did not stop her. Working on real-world soul travel technologies up to her untimely death in the 23rd century. Her vision would not be fully realized until the year 3000!


The idea behind soul travel is that the body is a vessel and humans don't have access to their soul as freely as they think before they have matured as a society.


There are numerous methods to soul travel, but by far the most popular is a consciousness storage device that is embedded on the top of one's hand.

The Transport Hub

The transport hub runs along old wormhole tunnels built by the time travelers of the 25th century. These old tunnels are being reformatted to expand soul travel across the universe.

The Black Market

Along these hubs however, lies a danger. The Black Market is a need-to-know operation known only to the rich and famous where those with evil intent can pick off anybody they want and sell one's soul to the highest bidder. it is a secretive organization so strict that no one really knows how to get into it or how to track it down.

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