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Socijalističkata Balkanska Republika
Timeline: A nice new world...
CapitalBalkanska City (10,545,000).
Other cities Burgas (8,888,888), Sofia (8,500,000), Skopje (7,500,000), Niš (5,750,000), Pristina (5,555,500), Thessaloniki (5,545, 575), Komotini (5,540,000), Podgarica (5,252,500), Shtip, Plodiv, Lue, Ohrid, Tito Siti and Zelena Dolina.
Demonym Balkan/Balkanski
Currency Balkanski Kopeg, BK





The railways are of a high capacty and mostly electrified. The roads are


Power stations

2010 floods in Slovenia (15)

The heavy rain storms of May 2475 temporary flooded out and closed down the Burgas atomic power plant.

  1. 7 coal (1 closed and 1 planned)
  2. 3 gas (1 planned)
  3. 3 oil (1 planned)
  4. 2 lignite burning
  5. 2 wind turbine farms
  6. 2 geothermal (1 planned)
  7. 5 nuclear (1 planned)

Overseas territories

It has none.



Armed forces


  1. Varana naval base.
  2. Burgas naval base.
  3. Pristina naval base and shipyards.

Air force

  1. Yambol airbase
  2. Plodiv airbase
  3. Lue airbase
  4. Ohrid airbase
  5. Tito Siti airbase


  1. Buzludzha command center.
  2. BNA 1st Army barracks in Skopje.
  3. BNA 2nd Army barracks in Plodiv.
  4. BNA 3rd Army barracks in Lue.
  5. BNA 4th Army barracks in Ohrid.
  6. BNA 5th Army barracks and supply depot in Tito Siti.

Air defenses

  1. Yambol airbase and BNA 1st Army barracks each have 40 SAM missiles analogous to S-75 Dvina.


5x 15kt nuclear bombs and 5x 100kt ICBMs are stored here under international observance at Yambol airbas, just in they are needed for a civil emergency like a approaching asteroid or an invasion by Earth (assuming it still exists).


  1. Burgas naval base.

Law and order

Last 5 election results


Each major town and city has a analogue FM and a local digital FM radio service by law. 2 digital FM station also operate in capital. There are 4 national digital AM radio and 4 digital TV channels.

Many family have video recorders, CD players and land line phones. 70% have mobile phones and 28% have smart phones. Fiber optic phone lines, 4 G phones and broadband internet are commonplace through out thew land. 95% have the internet, of which 65% have Boardband internet.

Wifi Internet is mostly confined to the major coastal urban centers.

There are 3 national newspapers. All major urban settlements also have a local news paper by law.

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