The Socialist Society Of Freedom (SSF) was a political terrorist organization. Formed from the Northern Communist Party Of The ROA. The objective of the group is to take over The Republic Of America, and turn it into a government that practices Liberalism, Communism, and Anti Theism.


After the destruction of The United States Of America. The Republic Of America was created to replace it. Throughout this operation, there was a major shift in political views in North and South America, which gave the country a largely conservative, and anti liberal culture. Because of this, The Northern Communist Party was created in an attempt for the corrupt politicians of the previous USA, to restore their power in the area. They were shunned by most of the public, for they were the very thing that led to the destruction of the United States. Because of this, the group abandoned the status of a political party, and transformed into a terrorist group called the SSF.


The organization resided in what was known as The Badlands Of North America in the 2030's. a place were no country had claimed territory since World War 3.


The group carried out organized bombings in many cities in the ROA, including Alland NF, Dattsville NF, and, Greensville CT.

There hadn't been much intervention from the ROA military yet, but generals were working on procedures to combat the terrorists.

On September 2nd 2035. It launched a missile into a large apartment complex in New Florida, killing thousands, and leading the military to send troops to the SSF territory to combat them, effectively starting The War Of Justice.

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