Devided North Korea

The SPUK is in pink.


Organic Farming.

The Flag of North Korea Socialist Republic of Upper Korea or SRUK Socialist Republic of Upper Korea is a Chinese vassal.

The Socialist Republic of Upper Korea is a Chinese vassal with 7,750,000 Koreans, 1,115,000 Han Chinese, 102,500 Manchu, 12,500 Mongolians, 5,000 Russians and 4,500 Huie in it.

the capital is at Sinŭiju.

The official languages are Hamgyŏng and P'yŏngan dialect Korean. Manchu, Mongolian, Russian and Chinese also occur in many places.

1,250,000 had died in the failed invasion of the South. The event  was highly controversial and was condemned both by the UN Sectary General and across most of the world as a needless crime against humanity.

The slowly recovering economy is a mix of mining, hydro electric technology and agriculture.

Kanggye, Sinŭiju, Hyesan, Chongjin and Rasŏn are the only major cities.

The ethnically Korean Chinese Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture and Changbai Korean Autonomous County joined it in 2030.

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