The Socialist Party of Yugoslavia is the name of the ruling party of Yugoslavia. It originated as the Socialist Party of Serbia, Until the 2030 economic crisis, when the party rose to power and reunified Yugoslavia.

Seizing Power

The Party took control of Serbia in 2030 and using its influence, reunified Yugoslavia in 2032. The Move has been seen by many as an "act of aggression" and despite widely being ignored by the world, it helped fuel the already growing Anti-Western Settlement in the Countries closest to Eurasia.


By Practice, the Organization is a Communist Party and has transformed Yugoslavia into a traditional socialist state, But, Has used some forms of Fascism to maintain its grip of power.

Nationalism and Propaganda are used frequently, to control the overflow of information. On the Birthday of Joseph Tito, the country usually holds a Military Parade to celebrate its anniversary.

The Party receives support from the two main parties of Eurasia and has thw backing of the Greek Government.

It is a prominent member of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties, for it being the first European Communist Party to take power since the End of the First Cold War.

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