The future of SOCIAL

Products of all kinds will be customised

Infrastructures will be self monitoring, using smart materials and sensors.

Factory manufactured housing will be the norm

English still the global language

Numerous world-wide virtual communities

World-wide popular culture, regardless of government intervention

On line voting

Electronic shopping for many products will be the norm

National decisions influenced by electronic referenda

World population > 7.5 billion

Average age in advanced nations will be 41

Migration regulated by international law

State pensions on a need only basis

More recreation and leisure time in middle classes

Still mass starvation in 3rd world

Rise of secular substitutes for religion, such as network based groups

Electronic newspaper to households

Various forms of electronic addiction will be a big problem

Replacement of people leads to anti-technology subculture

Power will be held more by corporations than by countries

Some cybernations will exist which have significant economic muscle

Many people will have nationality of both geonation and cybernation

3rd world technology highly vulnerable to 1st world hackers

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