The Smith Fuels Company is a very successful company that produces and sells Bio-Fuels. The Smith Fuels Company is the largest Bio-Fuel Company in the World, and its main competitor is Kappel's Bio-Fuels. The two Companies compete for domination of markets in Third World and other nations.


The Company was founded in 2013 during the Era of Skyrocketing Prices. High Oil Prices caused many people to start their own Bio-Fuel Companies. John Smith was one of the people who started his own company. He got thrity acres of land for his company, but soon learned something: There wasn't enough land to farm large amounts of Corn. Many people were rushing to buy lots of land, so land prices had also Skyrocketed, along with the price of many items. John also couldn't get another loan to get new land. To combat this, he used the money he had already saved up or had gotten in the original loan to build a vertical farm. He soon opened up the Smith's Vertical Farms. The First Vertical Farm was small, but based on the budget that Smith had to work
Verticle Farm

The Outside of the First Vertical Farm

with, it was good.
Inside Verticle Farm

The Interior of the Vertical Farm


The Smith's Verticle Farms Company would continue to produce large amo
Ethanol Factory
unts of Corn on small amounts of land. Eventually, Smith would decide to cut out the Middle Man and open up his own Ethanol Producing Factory. Soon, he opened up the Smith Ethanol Factory. It would produce 60 million Liquid Gallons of Ethanol a year. Smith would soon be supplying a large am
Inside Ethanol Factory
ount of the Gasoline Stations on the East Coast. Smith would soon re-name his company from Smith's Vertical Farms to Smith Fuels Company.

Domination of America

By 2050, Smith Fuels Company would have Ethanol Production Plants in every state in the US, with most of them in the Midwestern Region. Smith Fuels Company would become the supplier of 12% of all US Fuels, and 5% of all the World. Smith Fuels had expanded so fast thanks to its efficient production of Corn a
Smith Fuels
nd other Food Products, and its ownership of Ethanol Production Plants and Gasoline Stations, allowing for them to completely cut out the Middle Man. They took control of the market after buying

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