In the future, the economy will be in the state of a small business economy. As a result, to achieve the progress of what corporations did previously, and even achieve more, small businesses will create small business coalitions.

These coalitions will work by having a lot of small businesses working together to make a larger or more complex product than what they could do alone. You will literally have one individual business creating an individual piece of a product inside a coalition. Several businesses will do this. Then one small business will assemble those pieces into a larger piece. This will keep going on for every part of the product until they reach the last business, which make all the final assemblies and finishing touches, and label the product with not the logo of the company, nor the logo of any group, business, or coalition, but merely of the product series; the product series made by that particular coalition.

You may ask, "How would this be affordable?" This will be affordable because of competition. There is a lot more competition in the small business world. As a result, competition keeps prices down and quality up, and pushes science forward. These coalitions will not be locked; all business within will still have to maintain high level of competition, or else the business purchasing their product will purchase someone else's.

Thus, this will push more progress, drop down prices lower, and improve quality higher, than done in the traditional corporate world.

Because the world of the future will reach an international government, the economy will be in a free trade state, and therefore allowing transfer, production, and so forth of goods to be so much more freer.

--J Ebbers 18:39, 22 August 2006 (UTC)

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