"Computer science is poised to become as fundamental to biology as mathematics has become to physics."

Moore's Law is setting computers more powerful, applications on the web can fun and interesting. Althought some people might thing it's gonna be the biggest applications for computers, I believe that simulation will really elevate the meaning of human life. More and more applications in the simulation world will become easy & available with the advancement of computer progress. As of today (2007), little have been used, discovered. The problems lie in modeling the real world versus to run it in a fast simulation.

Here are some important links to learn on the simulation technology:

Blue Brain

Computer Simulation

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Similitude Model

Distributed Computing on Wikipedia

List of Distributed Computing Projects around the world on Wikipedia

Monte Carlo Method

List of compute simulation software


Molecular Dynamics

Simulation on Future Wikia


nano engineer-1



Sim News



Simulation Hall of Fame

Simulation Timelines

Biological Simulations

Books on biosimulation

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