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In the Sanska era, cities in the world experienced a rapid decline in population, as more and more people began to move to the rural parts of the world to escape easily transmitted diseases, which were rampant at the time. Also people began to find negative effects of a city, and also the natural disasters occuring at the time. The sharpest decline experienced was that of Beijing in the People's Republic of Northern China, where ten million residents escaped to the countryside areas.

The Index

City Name Country Decline Experienced Cause Ranking of Most Sig. Decline Notes
Beijing PRN China 9.4million to 10.5million Mers outbreak in neighbouring cities 1
Shanghai Chinese Rep. 9.5million to 10.3million Mers outbreak in neighbouring cities 2
New York City United States 9.4 million to 9.5 million Azores megatsunami 3
Seoul R. of Korea 9.1 million to 9.4 million Mers outbreak 4
Los Angeles United States 9.0 to 9.3 million San Andreas fault earthquake and influenza.
Pyongyang PR of. Korea 7.2 million to 7.9 million Mers outbreak

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