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Siege of Kirkuk
Iraqi troops
Date February 2015
Location Kirkuk, Iraq
Iraqi government victory
Flag of Iraq Republic of Iraq

Flag of Iran Islamic Republic of Iran

ISIS flag Islamic State
Flag of Iraq Uthmaan Al-Amjad

Flag of Iraq Abboud Qanbar
Flag of Iraq Sa'ad Mi'an

ISIS flag Abu Al-Baghdadi
ISIS flag Muhammed Omar
13,000 troops
18 Lion of Babylon tanks
4 Su-25 fighter-bombers
17,000 insurgents
Unknown number of captured vehicles
Casualties and losses
2,500 killed or missing, 3 tanks destroyed 7,000 killed or captured, most vehicles captured or destroyed

The Siege of Kirkuk was a battle lasting from February to March 2015, during the civil war in Iraq, part of the northern Iraq offensive. The siege was overseen by Prime Minister Al-Amjad, who came to power the previous month, after the resignation of Al-Maliki. An Iraqi nationalist, Al-Amjad oversaw the successful liberation of Tikrit shortly after he was elected. The victory there allowed the Iraqi army advance as far as Kirkuk, to the northeast. The Islamic State forces retreated there and built up the city fortifications as a stronghold, abandoning much of central Iraq to the army. The Iraqi forces besieged the city over a period of two months, after which it fell. IS took heavy casualties and was forced to retreat further north.