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Sidewinder here, welcome to my timeline!



  • The year begins with Hillary Clinton taking office in the White House.
  • Tensions are very high in the South China Sea due to China's artificial island building.
  • Scotland holds a referendum to leave the UK and join EU as an independent nation.
  • ISIS gains power in the Middle East.
  • Norway commits to zero carbon emissions by 2020, while Sweden commits to zero deforestation.


  • Russia begins urbanizing rural areas, and constructs a highway stretching from Moscow, running across the Bering Sea, and ending in Seattle, with permission from Canada and the U.S.
  • ISIS terrorists attack Kuching, Malaysia during Chinese New Year, resulting in the deaths of 43 and damage of up to 6300 USD.
  • Civil war in Belarus, with the people rising against the Belarusian dictatorship government.
  • The government in El Salvador is taken over by gangs, and nearby countries experience a surge of immigrants.


  • The China declare war on Philippines over claims in the South China Sea, allied with Vietnam and North Korea . The Philippines allies itself with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan and South Korea.
  • The U.S. allies with the Phillipines in response to the South China Sea War.
  • Latvia merges with Lithuania and Estonia via referendum to create the Unified Baltic State.
  • Filipino battleships attack the artificial islands in the South China Sea, while Chinese president Xi Jinping orders air strikes on Filipino naval bases.
  • Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Phillipines create and join the Manila Pact.


  • Scotland gains independence after the referendum's results say "YES", and joins the EU as an independent nation.
  • Volcanic eruption in Iceland grounds flights to Europe.
  • North Korea conducts a sixth nuclear warhead test, which results in North Korea possessing more powerful nuclear weapons.
  • End of Belarusian Civil War, with a democratic government put in place.
  • Several naval battles in the South China Sea end in a victory by the Manila Pact, while Vietnam decides to join the Manila Pact and switch sides.


  • Uprising of workers in Japan due to long working hours, leading to shorter working hours and laws limiting the length of standard working hours.
  • Australia begins construction of solar farms in the Australian outback, while New Zealand begins using renewable energy sources in response to its deteriorating environment.
  • The territorial conflict between Pakistan and India over Kashmir is resolved with the region becoming a new nation, Kashmir.
  • The South China Sea War ends in a victory by the Manila Pact, with China seceding all extended claims on the region, allowing the South China Sea to become an international region.


  • Laos, Papua New Guinea and Thailand ask to join the Manila Pact, and they are accepted.
  • Hottest summer recorded so far. The UN holds a meeting in Berlin to discuss ways to combat global warming.
  • ISIS attack in Berlin, targeted at the UN meeting, but is effectively stopped by German police, but not after seven civilian casualties and the destruction of the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Countries across Europe begin increasing security in response to the Berlin attack.
  • India holds meetings with Nepal to discuss the possibility of a merger between the two nations.


  • The UBS invites Belarus to join as an autonomous state, and accepts in the light of its new government.
  • El Salvador threatens nearby nations Guatamela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize with war in gang-like fashion, leaving said nations considering standing united to fight El Salvador.
  • 32 people defect to South Korea, but 3 have been injured by North Korean guards who noticed them. South Korean president Park Guen-hye condemns North Korea for their actions, stating "We can't dismiss the fact it was their decision to defect", increasing tensions between both Koreas.
  • The United States lands the Olympus surveyor satellite on Mars to look for more signs of microbial life.


  • European airspace is now safe for commercial flights again.
  • Japan experiences a small earthquake, measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale, with no casualties.
  • Tensions very high between Morocco and Mauritania over the ownership of West Sahara.
  • El Salvador invades Guatemala and tries to capture its capital of Guatemala City. The city was taken, but Guatemalan troops managed to recapture it. Unification talks among Central American nations take place in Panama City.


  • Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama unify into the Republic of Central America, or the RCA.
  • The RCA invades El Salvador in 2 weeks, thanks to its combined armies. It releases El Salvador as a sovereign nation with a new diplomatic government.
  • El Salvador joins the RCA.
  • Russia sells Sakhalin Island to Japan for 2 million USD equivalent.
  • India merges with Nepal, and Bhutan asks to merge with India as well.
  • Japan enforces new whaling policies and laws, abolishing illegal whaling effectively and increasing awareness.


  • Morocco invades Western Sahara, with Mauritania declaring war in retaliation.
  • Morocco is supported by Tunisia and Algeria, and Mauritania backed by European nations.
  • The Sahara War is ended with the Treaty of Casablanca signed by all participating members,granting Morocco full control of Western Sahara and slightly changed borders with Mauritania.
  • French Guiana gains independence via referendum, and is renamed to Guiana.


  • A massive oil field is discovered in Greenland, leading to a scramble for claims on the oil. Denmark announces that Greenland is still Danish territory, and they have the right to the oil.
  • Greenland rebels declare independence from Denmark, and starts selling oil.
  • Denmark declares war on Greenland, which has a good economy thanks to oil trading.
  • Greenland manages to defend against Danish invasion with US backing.
  • Peace Treaty signed in Copenhagen, with Denmark requesting a share of acquired oil.
  • Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan unite to undergo a national project to bring back the Aral Sea. Russia financially supports both countries


  • South Africa embargoes Lesotho, cutting off trade routes.
  • Kaliningrad declares independence from Russia.
  • Oil tanker explosion in the Black Sea causes international alarm, and officials restrict access to the Black Sea for commercials purpose, leaving Russia unable to conveniently export oil.



  • North Korea launches a nuclear strike at Seoul, and nukes San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • South Korea declares war on North Korea, starting the Second Korean War. South Korea is supported by the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. North Korea is financially supported by China, but it has cut almost all ties with the nation. Russia, not wanting to be involved due to financial crisis, cuts all ties with North Korea as well.
  • South Korea begins invading North Korea, and captures the city of Pyongyang in 3 weeks.
  • Peace treaty signed in Busan, stating that North Korea is to be annexed by South Korea, and renamed to Korea.


  • Russia begins exporting oil via the Arctic Circle.
  • Ukrainian Civil War begins with the rebels fighting for a unification with Russia. The rebels are of course supported by a recovering Russia.
  • Greenland signs a trade pact with Russia, allowing the two nations to trade freely in the Arctic Circle.
  • India and Nepal merge, with Nepal becoming an autonomous region.


  • ISIS has taken over Syria and northern Iraq.
  • The UN holds a meeting to discuss methods of liberating ISIS controlled territories.
  • A coalition is formed, comprised of US, UK, France, China, India, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Australia and Spain, to combat ISIS.


  • South Africa annexes Lesotho after the government collapses.
  • The ESA sends a probe to Mars to test soil composition in the ice caps.
  • Pakistan threatens Kashmir with war if it doesn't merge with the nation. India retaliates by stating Kashmir is theirs.
  • Kashmir enters military alliance with China.


  • Bomb detonated in New Delhi. Indian authorities blame Pakistan, but they assure it wasn't them.
  • India declares war against Pakistan and as well as Kashmir.
  • Pakistan declares war on India in retaliation. China supports Kashmir by sending reinforcements.
  • China declares war on India. Nepal declares independence.
  • The UN Coalition forces land in Northern Iraq.


  • Scotland declares independence from the UK.
  • Pakistan launches conventional missiles at Mumbai, and proceeds with naval attacks there.
  • India invades Southern Kashmir and sieges Jammur.
  • Chinese backed Kashmirean forces retake Jammur.


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