Based loosely upon my Shattered Stars and Stripes Map Game Series, this is the Shattered Stars, Shattered Stripes, a Scenario based upon the destruction the United States in the Near Future.

A Note

This is not an analysis of what I believe will happen in the future, nor do I believe this is the most likely future. This is what I believe to be a possible future given a "perfect storm" of events.

Pre Break Up Timeline Overview

A more indepth page will be made for each presidency


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  • Sanders receives a massive surge in popularity due to the repeated scandals that face Clinton and allegations of failing health. It is too little to late,Clinton claims the Democratic Nomination. The surge in popularity gives Sanders the momentum he needs to run as an independent candidate.
  • Mitt Romney drops his push for the "Never Trump" movement, and Trump walks his way to the nomination.
  • Despite many fearing a fractured right, Trump seems to have unified the Republican Party, and gains the endorsement of Paul Ryan. 
  • Obama endorses Clinton, and urges Sanders to end his third party run and unify the party. Sanders refuses, believing his campaign to be more about the message it sends rather than a legitimate attempt at becoming president. 
  • Trump names Scott Brown, Clinton names Julian Castro, and Sanders names Sherrod Brown as their running mates.
  • The Sanders vs Clinton has the unfortunate effect of fracturing liberal groups even in states considered "The Blue Wall".
  • November elections come in: Trump wins the election, taking home 35.70% of the popular vote, 334 electors, and 31 contests. Clinton comes in second with 31.54% of the popular vote, 147 electors, and 11 state contests. Sanders comes in last with 29.15% of the vote, 57 electors, and 4 state contests. Trump is the president of the United States
  • In 2017, Trump authorizes the use of ground forces to fight ISIS.