Seige of Pyongyang (Uncle ggrandpa)
Date February 15 - 16, 2020
Location Pyongyang, North Korea
Result Decisive South Korean Victory
1. Death of Kim Jong-un and other high-ranking North Korea officials
2. Fall of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
3. Unification of the Korean Peninsula under the southern government
Flag of South Korea South Korea
Flag of USA United States
Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of North Korea North Korea
Flag of South Korea Kwang Kyou-Chull
Flag of South Korea Ahn Choon-Yei
Flag of South Korea Choi In-Tak (died)
Flag of North Korea Moon Yong-Chui
Flag of North Korea Sung Shin-Cho
19,248,888 13,000,000
Casualties and losses
15,000,000 18,978,552 (civilian) 10,000,000 (military)

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