Second Russo-Norwegian War (Cold Response)
Part of The Russo-Norwegian Wars
Date August 3 2019 - June 26 2020
Location Norway
  • Russian victory
  • Russian annexation of Finmark County
Flag of Norway Norway

supported by:

Flag of the United States United States

Flag of Russia Russia

Flag of Norway Erna Solberg

Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin

9000 15 000
Casualties and losses
257 184

The second Russo-Norwegian War, also known as the Arctic war, was an armed conflict that occurred in northern Norway from August 3 2019 to June 26 2020. It began when the government of the Russian federation made allegations of persecution of Russians in Norway. Russian president Vladimir Putin made a statement saying that Russians were in danger in Norway and a military solution was needed. On August 3 2019, 500 Russian ground troops were deployed in Finmark County in Norway. The Norwegian government reacted immediately, calling the deployments an invasion. Norwegian air and ground forces were immediately deployed to combat to counter the Russian forces. Naval forces were additionally involved beginning in late September. Eventually, after 10 months of fighting, Norwegian forces lost control of Finmark County and an armistice was signed, ending the war. On July 3, 2020, Finmark County was annexed to the Russian Federation.

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