Second Persian Gulf War

The Second Persian Gulf War, or the Iran-Saudi War as it is usually called in the West, was a war between the Islamic Republic of Iran and allies against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its allies. Tensions began in the start of 2016 after a Shia sheikh was executed by Saudi Arabia. Severed diplomatic relations between the two nations shortly thereafter led to a worsening of the situation, and tensions escalated until January 2017 when Iran invaded Saudi Arabia. This main conflict worsened as allies of the two nations began to join, and world powers began supporting sides by late 2018. The conflict finally ended on March 11th, 2022 with the Islamabad Accords.

Pre-War (January 2016-January 2017) Timeline

January 2016

  • January 2: Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Shia sheikh in Saudi Arabia is executed by Saudi government forces. This draws outrage from the Iranian people and government.
  • January 3: Saudi Arabia and Sudan cut off all diplomatic relations with Iran. Protestors in Iran attack a Saudi embassy.
  • January 4: Bahrain cuts off all diplomatic relations with Iran. The United Arab Emirates downsizes its diplomatic team with Iran.
  • January 7: The Iranian embassy in Riyadh is attacked by protestors. 7 people are killed, all Iranians.
  • January 8: After Friday prayers protests start in Bahrain, led by the Shia majority. Clashes between police and protestors occur, with 14 injured and 75 arrested.
  • January 13: Five Shiite men armed with guns attack a Sunni mosque in Mashhad. 27 people are killed and 22 wounded. The attack is condemned by Saudi Arabia.
  • January 14: The U.A.E. cuts off all diplomatic ties with Iran.
  • January 17: Iran intensifies its combat missions in Iraq against ISIS, killing 300 fighters. This is seen as a display of military strength by Iran.
  • January 20: Iranian migrant workers stage a protest against the Gulf governments in Dubai. All protestors are arrested.
  • January 21: A Shia teacher in Jeddah is attacked leaving his school, putting him in a coma.
  • January 30: In Yemen, the Iranian-backed Revolutionary Committee (Houthis) starts a renewed offensive in the city of Taizz.

February 2016

  • February 2: Qatar and Kuwait sever all diplomatic ties with Iran.
  • February 3: The Houthi fighters manage to capture Taizz University. In response the Saudi-backed Hadi government fighters blockade all roads leading west into the city.
  • February 6: Signs appear across the city of Dammam designating certain areas as Shia-free. However, these show no signs of being official government statements, and there is no enforcement. In Taizz, a blockade on Al Morur Street is destroyed and several Houthi fighters manage to sneak in to the city.
  • February 7: An attempt is made by Hadi fighters to reclaim Taizz University is unfruitful. 11 Hadi fighters are killed.
  • February 11: Reports of hate crimes against Shias in Kuwait City appear.
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