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Second Chinese Civil War
Date 2020-2040
Location China, South China Sea, Manchuria, Japan
Result ROC Victory

Republic of China reassumes control of the mainland

Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China

2000px-Hong Kong Independence Movement Flag.svg Hong Kong

2000px-Flag of Macau.svgMacau Republic

2000px-Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svg Taiwan

Flag of Tibet.svg Tibet

Kokbayraq flag East Turkestan (Xinjiang Province)

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50-star-flag-big United States
Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea

Flag of The Peoples Republic of China People's Republic of China

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2000px-Proposed flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union


The People's Republic of China

In 2016, China had become the world's largest economy but there would be soon unrest not just in the Communist Party but within the country as well as businessmen sought freedom and the people wanted Government Reform. 

In 2017, Millions took to the streets in Shanghai and Beijing demanding China become a democratic state the party however cracked down a few days later but the people were prepared this time and this ultimately began the South Chinese insurgency and ultimately the Second Chinese Civil War. 

Republic of China

The Government of the Republic of China had been in exile since 1949 but the insurgency allowed Taiwan to become it's own nation which allowed the CLA to organize under the ROC Banner. 

The territories it controlled was most of South China with the exception of Hong Kong and Macau as both had become their own nations.

Southern China had ultimately become the center of the Civil War which had spawn out of the South China insurgency.

China during the Civil war

China at the height of the civil war People's Republic of China (Red) Republic of China (Dark Blue) Hong Kong and Macau (Green) Taiwan (Purple) Tibet (Yellow) East Turkestan (Xinjiang) (Light Blue)

2020-2025: Intense Fighting, Bloody Stalemate and Armistice

Battle of Inner Mongolia

In 2021, North China was attacked by several insurgents. East Turkestani fighters ambushed patrol troops hoping to lure them into their Province. From several directions, The PRC forces were attacked. ROC Forces managed to also break through defensive lines to assist them. The North however, repelled the insurgents but at a great cost.

East Turkestan became the next battle zone. There, the PRC was much more vulnerable. a vicious guerrilla war was fought. The battle however, was not a quick one. Chinese forces were recalled from Korea to fend off the invaders.

For three years, the Area was a warzone. The North however, won. East Turkestan would remain occupied until 2037.