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Second Caribbean Empire
Antillas (orthographic projection)
"The utopia revived."
Official languages Caribbean
Major unofficial languages English, Spanish, French, French-based Creole dialects (Guadeloupe, Haiti, and Martinique); Indigineous languages and dialects (the mainland countries)
Capital Royal District, Belladère-Comendador, Central Hispaniola
Founding Emperors King Ismael Perez MCXII and Queen Maria Pegan I
Establishment 4th Millemium
Currency Caribos
Allies Israel and European Union

The Second Caribbean Empire is the revival of the first Caribbean Empire revived by the decentant the founder of the first Caribbean rulers King Ismael Perez I and Queen Yamalis Valera I named King Ismael Perez MCXII and his wife, Queen Maria Pegan I. It was revived after a debate whenever the Caribbean should be liberated from the United States of America during the Caribbean-American War. While the Second Caribbean Empire is setting up the government, the European Empire temporally shadow the region until the government had been setted up.

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