Second Canadian Civil War
Canadian Civil War
Map of North America during the war
Date September 8, 2070 - March 4, 2074
Location Canada
Result Quebec takes over Ontario
  • Borders established between Canada and Quebec
  • Defeat of the Canada and United States Governments
Flag of Canada Canada

US flag 81stars United States

Flag of Quebec Quebec
Allied Leaders

Flag of Canada Fred Johnson
US flag 81stars Carla Anderson

Quebec Leaders and Militants

Flag of Quebec David Szonky
Flag of Quebec Erik Adeline
Flag of Quebec Benjamin Bernard

500,000 300,000
Casualties and losses
150,000 200,000

The Second Canadian Civil War was a armed conflict between the Government of Canada and House of Quebec that began on 2070 to 2074. The civil war started due to the Insurgency in Quebec and Canada. The Government of Canada sent troops to end the insurgency but soon realized that the militants (and terrorist) were supported by the House of Quebec. The Army of Federal Republic of Quebec launched a major offensive in Ontario. This was the third major conflict after the Canadian Civil War and the West Canada-US War.


During the late 2060s, a Quebec nation movement was at large. The movement was to give Quebec independence from Canada. Canadian forces soon crush the movement. The Canadian government was still in recession after the West Canada-US War that wiped 1.9 million people out and after the unification of all three countries (West Canada, East Canada and Ontario) by US Government Forces. The government owned trillions and giving Quebec independence could cause a major world effect.


Formation of Federal Republic of QuebecEdit

In 2069, the Quebec government formed the 'Federal Republic of Quebec. The Canadian and US governments were opposed to this, calling it "Act of Aggression". A Army was formed as well. Many people join (up to 300,000). The new government declared independence.

Insurgency in Quebec and CanadaEdit

In January of 2070, 200 exploded across Canada, killing 2,000 people. Militants of Quebec took responsibility the day after. The Canadian government call for Quebec government to handle this disaster but were denied. Over the next several months, 5,000 people would be killed in Militant attacks. it was unknown who were supplying the Militant. Rumors exploded saying Saudi Arabia and Qatar were aiding them. Both countries denied these allegations. The government of Canada would later cut relationships with both countries.

Quebec Invasion of OntarioEdit

On September 3, 2070, the then corrupt Quebec government launched a major offensive in Ontario. 30,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Federal Republic of Quebec invaded Ontario, the home province of the Government of Canada. Eastern Ontario fell to Quebec hands. The Government of Canada and United States condemned this attack as the act of war and Declared War on Quebec. Quebec forces swept through Ontario, capturing cities and towns. Their main eye, Toronto and Ottawa. The Armed Forces of Canada were mobilized in Ontario. United States also mobilized it's Armed Forces but never fought.

Civil WarEdit

200,000 Canadian soldiers fought for Ottawa and Toronto.


Quebec remains independent from Canada, and Canada faces now hard times in debt and recessions. Canadian culture of French and English have now been divided, making Canadian culture forever changed. Canada becomes West Canada, and often becomes now bitter with the US.

Canada now is no longer bilingual.