Second Angolan Civil War
Clockwise from top left: A protest in Luanda becomes violent, Angolan police drive to a conflict with UNITA forces, UNITA troops marching down a road, Angolan Government infantry engage in a skirmish with UNITA soldiers
Date November 8, 2019 - April 10, 2027
Location Republic of Angola
Result - UNITA victory

- Death of José Eduardo dos Santos

- Death of Manuel Vicente

- Transformation of the Angolan government from communist to capitalist

- Luanda renamed Savimbi
Flag of UNITA UNITA Flag of Angola Angolan Government

Flag of Russia Russia\Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union

Flag of UNITA Adriano Jaka Jamba

Flag of UNITA Isaías Samakuva (parliamentary) (until 2026)

Flag of Angola José Eduardo dos Santos †

Flag of Angola Manuel Vicente † Flag of Angola Cândido Pereira Van-Dúnem †

Flag of Angola Geraldo Nunda †

70,000 90,000 (Angola Government)

30,000 (Russia\Eurasian Union)

Casualties and losses
40,000 70,000 (Angolan Government)

105 (Russia\Eurasian Union)

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