Second American Civil War
Second American Civil War Combanants Map

Californian Republic (Yellow) Midwestern Federation (Purple)Texan Republic (Light Blue) Union (Blue)


February 19, 2100 – June 7, 2134

Location North America
Result Disputed victory
  • Californian Republic becomes Superpower
  • The Union breaks into 2 countries, New England and New York
  • Texas becomes Superpower
  • The Former US becomes divided for many years
  • Beginning of the Division Era

Midwestern Federation

Texan Republic

Californian Republic

Commanders and leaders
Will B. Carter

Harrison Nathaniel John Statham

and others

Ralph Lee 

Fernand Hagan 

38,905,000 1,900,200
Casualties and losses
Heavy Heavy

The Second American Civil war was a long and bloody war in the former US

Begining of the WarEdit

US President Kenny Nathan was assassinated in New York on February 8 by Nationalists, this caused the US to destablize and states seceded, by February 19 all states seceded expect the states in the New England area

The WarEdit



On June 7, 2134 the war ended in a disputed victory, the Union breaked into New York and New England, all Union generals or supporters were executed after the war, the new nation of New York went into neutral mode like Switzerland while New England was a all-time trader with Quebec, unforunaly North America lost contact with Europe and South America after the war, and North America would't be again seen for many years