Flag of Seattle Flag of Seattle Space Needle002 Seattle Skyline at Night
Established 1869
Mayor Henry A. Atkins (1st)
Country United States
State/District Washington State

Seattle is the name of a city located in the Northwestern Region of the United States. 

Future HistoryEdit

Seattle was one of the first cities to expierence an economic revival during the 2020's Depression. Tim Rhodes, a Socialist from Neighboring Tacoma helped initate the economic reforms that would soon be adopted by the nation. Washington became one of the largest manufacturer of goods in the United States, alongside the Northeastern States. Companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin produced military equitment in Seattle. Microsoft shifted some of its production to the Seattle Area.

During the Height of the Second Cold War, Seattle found itself a viable target for both an Eurasian Attack and Nuclear Strike. Seattle was the third part of the North American Wave of Defense. Alaska received tactical nuclear warheads in 2017 and Vancouver saw the installation of Surface-to-air Missiles to shoot down Russian Planes. 

Olympia AFB, Near the Boeing Plant, was considered the most dangerous target in the United States. It still remains a highly secure location being both the newest base in America, and the largest base in the APDC (American-Pacific Defense Community)

Companies that Grew in SeattleEdit

Microsoft and Starbucks are the two most well known companies to grow in Seattle, But more would join them. Speed Railways, and Shuttle Tourists Inc., a light-rail company and space tour company, would own their roots to Washington State. Speed Railways (or SpeedRail) is a government-owned company. 


Team Name Stadium (Open) League (Conference) Established
Seattle Metropolitans KeyArena (1962) National Hockey League (Western) 2021
Seattle SuperSonics KeyArena (1962) National Basketball Association (Western)


Seattle Seahawks CenturyLink Field (2001) National Football League (NFC)


Seattle Mariners  Safeco Field (2001) Major League Baseball (AL) 1977
Seattle Sounders FC CenturyLink Field (2001) Major League Soccer (Western) 2009*

(*) Indicates Team Underwent Record Transfer or Name Change

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