The Scottish Presidential Election of 2030 was held on 27 May 2030 to elect the President of Scotland. Voting took place in all of Scotland, with a simple plurality vote system. The election ran alongside the first Scottish general election, also won by the SNP with Nicola Mhairi Black as their leader.

Mhairi Black won a landslide victory, gaining more votes for president than her party did for the general election, mostly due to her popularity even outside SNP supporters. Independent candidate Paul Caine who came third in the previous presidential election came second place with a larger influx of support.

Election ResultsEdit

Leader Party Vote %
Mhairi Black Scottish National Party 61.2%
Paul Caine Independent 20.1%
Ian Murray Labour Party 13.6%
Paddy Davis Conservative Party 2.3%
Damon Oswald Green Party 1.6%
Timothy McCoy Liberal Democrats 0.9%
Others N/A 0.3%

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