Scottish Parliament general election, 2020 (Aiothai's Scenario)

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2016 Flag of Scotland 2024 ›
Scottish Parliament general election, 2020
All 129 seats to the Scottish Parliament

65 Seats are needed for a majority

6 May 2020
First party Second party Third party
AnasSarwar NicolaSturgeon RuthDavidson
Leader Anas Sarwar Alex Salmond Ruth Davidson
Party Labour SNP Conservative Party
Leader since 30 October 2014 3 September 2004 4 November 2011
Leader's seat Glasgow Central Aberdeenshire East Glasgow
Last election 59 Seats 50 Seats 8 Seats
Seats before 59 50 8
Seats won 82 30 5
Seat change Increase 23 Decrease 20 Decrease 3
First Minister before election
Anas Sarwar
Elected First Minister
Anas Sarwar
The 2020 Scottish Parliament general election was held on Wensday 6 May 2020 to elect 129 members to the Scottish Parliament. It was the sixth general election since the devolved parliament was established in 1999.

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