The Scottish general election of 2030 was held on 27 May 2030 to elect the 2nd Parliament of Independent Scotland. Voting took place in all 250 parliamentary constituencies of Scotland, each electing one Member of Parliament to the Scottish Parliament. The election ran alongside the second Scottish Presidential election, also won by the SNP with Mhairi Black as their candidate.

The election used proportional representation once again, but the SNP still managed to gain another majority, actually making increases due to Mhairi Black's popularity managing to earn 52.3% of the votes. Labour came second again but lost much support, likely due to the lack of popularity of Ian Murray and the rise of the Green Party, who overtook the Conservatives for third place. The Socialist Party had dissolved and merged into the Green Party since the previous election, in the hope of getting better chances at elections. Despite the Conservatives dropping from third to fourth place, they actually made modest gains and their campaign was considered "sleeker than both Labour's and the Green Party's, dayumn!". The Liberal Democrats lost much support this election with much of their previous support going towards other parties, mostly the Conservatives and the Green Party along with some towards the SNP. Commentators noted how "fooked up" it was that the SNP had been getting majorities in Scotland for "almost two decades now".

Election ResultsEdit

Party Leader Vote % Seats (change)
Scottish National Party Mhairi Black 52.3% 131 (+3)
Labour Party Ian Murray 17.6% 44 (-15)
Green Party Damon Oswald 13.5% 34 (+17)
Conservative Party Paddy Davis 13.1% 33 (+1)
Liberal Democrats Timothy McCoy 3.3% 8 (-4)
Others N/A 0.1% 0
131 44 34 33 8
Scottish National Party Labour Party Green Party Conservative Party LD


Virtual Scottish Parliament 2030      Scottish National Party: 131 seats      Labour Party: 44 seats      Green Party: 34 seats      Conservative Party: 33 seats      Liberal Democrats: 8 seats