Events leading to the apocalypse

In 2093, the world was healing from World War V. The population was 8.7 billion. The remains of a virus from World War lV had mutated and evolved in Russia. The virus made your body systems shut down and your instincts became clear: infect others. You also had to eat human flesh to keep going. Before you know it, the entire Eastern Russia was infected.

The Apocalypse


When word spread that this virus had infected Russia, the world panicked. The governments enforced martial law. Countries closed its borders. Despite this all of Russia was infected and the virus spread to China, where it spread to India and Southeast Asia. Billions were infected. Millions were dead. The world starts to look for a vaccine.


The virus spreads to Korea. The world began sending its best troops to form RAZE. RAZE was a number of troops specialized to kill zombies. By the end of the year, the entire world was infected. Some small cities survived and were controlled by RAZE.


The RAZE scientists learned that zombies were attracted to loud sounds. RAZE was starting to develop new weapons and armor.


The world is still infected. RAZE is trying to find a cure.


RAZE learned that zombies are prone to fire. They are still trying to find a cure. The world's healthy population is 3.4 billion.


World's population decreases to 2.95 billion. RAZE satellites have detected UFOs in the opposite side of the galaxy.

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