Normal space suits use oxygen to pressurize the body with 2 tons per square meter at sea level. If in space it is punctured, the body will vacuum freeze in 5 seconds.

The Zero Oxygen Space Suit is similar to the Pressure Suit, using artificial muscle fibers to squeeze the body with 2 tons of pressure per square meter. If part of the suit rips only the skin near the rip will freeze. The person inside the suit will remain alive.

The helmet is made of an elastic clear plastic that detaches from the body with a flexible Mark II seal. The helmet is the only part that contains oxygen. The artificial muscle fibers amplify a person’s strength, according to the advertising blurb "to that of Spiderman", though due to limitations in smart materials it's more like a factor of 10. The fibers can stretch for a person to get inside.

In a normal space suit 10% of the oxygen leaks out in an hour. The Zero Oxygen Space Suit leaks at such a low rate that it is virtually zero. The Oxygen tank is woven into the back of the suit, is around 18 litres in volume - the same size as a sports water pack. All forms of body waste can be recycled. A Fusion Power based fuel cell supplies the power for the entire system and can last for a year without charging. Flexible solar cell on the entire suit surface provide small amounts of 'local power', and look extremely cool, but their main purpose is for thermal control. The solar cells can also be operated in reverse, for a chromophoretic camouflage system. Drugs in the suit can make the body go into suspended animation in an emergency.



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