World Map

(This page is under strict Dremord only edits. All ideas should be posted on the talk page. If I get enough good ideas, I will open this up to the public.)

List of Earth Countries

The United States of America

The Republic of New Spain

The People's Democratic of Cuba

The New Kingdom of Brazil

The United Kingdom of Scandinavia and Balticia

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

The Republic of France


The Germanic Union

The Fascist State of Italy

Austrian Hungary

The Yugoslavic Socialist Soviet Republic

The Union State of Russia

The Greater Greek Socialist State

The Republic of Turkey

The Caucasian Socialist Soviet Republic

The Palestinian Empire

The Exiled Zionist State of Israel

South Africa


The Republic of China

The Republic of Greater Siam

The People's Republic of Vietnam


The Joint Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand

The Union State of Japan

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