Scenario: World War III: USA vs PRC

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USA v.s. P.R. China

Time: 2013-2017

Reason: International disputes

Root Reason:

(1) Establishment of new anti-American regime in Saudi Arabia, now the Democratic Republic of Arabia and which has expanded to include Oman. China embraces the regime and the US dubs it "a hell".

(2) Energy crisis forces Angola, Libya, Iran to cease supplying oil to the West.

(3) The US is allegedly responsible for funding insergencies in Tibet and Xinjiang.

(4) The UN is no longer working and China proposes a new group of organizations to hold a United Council: a pan-African union, a group of developed countries, a Latin American council and an Asian alliance. The US, however, supports a Committee of Japan, US, UK, Germany, France and South Africa to be the final decider in all matters. 

(5) China supported the recent founding of the State of Palestine. 

(6) China is being friends with OPEC and Russia.

Main Conflict Hotspots: Central Asia, East Asia, SouthEast Asia, Western China, Western and Southern Africa, the Arab World, former Yugoslavia, Israel, Northern Australia, Latin America, Moscow, Cyber Warfare, Propaganda Warfare and Financial Warfare. (well it is a World War)

Result: Chinese victory, US limited defeat.

Co-Belligrents on side of China: North Korea, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Dem. Rep. Arabia, Yemen, Iraqi insurgents, Armenia, Libya, Algeria, Chad, Sudan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Angola, Poland, Ukraine, Western Sahara, Venezula, Cuba, Bolivia, Colombian insurgents, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Syria, Palestine, Finland, Irish insurgents.

Co-Belligrents on side of US: South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Phillipines, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the new Holy Arab Rep. of Jordan and Lebanon, Egypt, Morroco, South Africa, Kenya, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway, Angolan insurgents, Darfur (Sudan) insurgents, Uganda, Somali Government Zone, Italy, UK, Mexico, Canada.

Stages of the conflict:

(1) The US invades North Korea, China reacts by invading India.

(2) North Korea is conquered, China starts Southeast Asian campaign.

(3) Americans invade Iran from Iraq, China invades Kuwait.

(4) Naval warfare in the Pacific.

(5) Full propaganda and financial war, Russia invades Yugoslavia.

(6) Chinese victory in the Middle East, American push in Pacific, war in Africa.

(7) Chinese campaign in Africa starts, America relibertates southern India.

(8) Chinese victory in Southeast Asia.

(9) Bitter contest in Africa and Central Asia.

(10) China invades Mexico.

(11) Chinese victory in Africa.

(12) Chinese victory in Mexico and Central Asia.

(13) Chinese victory in Pacific.

(14) American last push as Texas, California and Florida are invaded.

(15) American surrender and negotiations.

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