Scenario: World War III

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World War 3

September 1, 2029 – November 11, 2036


Worldwide, except Antarctica and most of Africa

  • Syrian–Turkish border clashes
  • Russian and Chinese hostility towards internal issues
  • China's border extension policy
  • Rising tensions due to the fear of an economic collapse
  • Constant interference of Pakistan over India at LOC and Kashmir
  • Pakistan's military training to terrorists


  • Korea reunifies under a democratic government
  • NATO occupation of Middle East
  • Dissolution of the SCO
  • The all of SCO governments reconstruct
  • Palestine offcially gains independence from Israel
  • Current regimes in both China and Russia break down and fair democratic governments are installed
  • Russia and China let some provinces have their own independence while some some merge with next-door countries.


NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization and others

  • United States
  • Canada
  • India
  • European Union
    • United Kingdom
    • France
    • etc.
  • Japan
  • South Korea


  • Australia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Taiwan
  • United Arab Emirates

SCOShanghai                     Cooperation                 Organisation                 and others

  • Russia
  • China
  • Serbia
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Pakistan


  • Republic of West Papua
  • Islamic Republic of Mindanao
  • Muslim extremists
  • Hezbollah
  • Yemen
  • Belarus
  • Moldova
  • Uzbekistan

Strength (in Solders)

158 million 146 million

                 Casualties (Both                      Solders and Civilians)

 57 million

78 million

  • Note: This is a futuristic fiction article. Like a lot of the articles on this website, this is not meant to be taken as an actual prediction of the future. Please don't call the writers retarded or complain about how untrue it is. Thank you.


In the early 21st century, territorial tensions were rising between many countries, particularly in the Middle East and other parts of Asia. Also, for most parts of the world, economic collapse was imminent.

Islamic conservative countries such as Iran began breaking off diplomatic ties with more Westernized counterparts such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Syria was undergoing a deadly civil war between the government and democratic forces and asks help from Russia and China, but USA says that if Russia and it's allies openly support Syria, the USA will take actions.

During the 2020s, China, Russia and other countries with particular anti-West ideologies found a new militar economic block called Shangai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Its main purpose was to confront and compete with NATO.

In response, NATO friendly states of Southeast Asia launch campaigns to improve its military. In North America, Mexico receives support from SCO in Mexican Drug War and this effort makes Mexico a SCO-friendly state. Meanwhile, Turkey is undergoing border clashes against Syria.

All these tensions and disputes between pro-West and anti-West forces leads to a great expansion of SCO, which many anti-West nations joining the block. By the late 2020s, SCO becames extensively hostile against NATO and a global conflict becames imminent.

Althought peace efforts have been made, economic and military strength of SCO have managed to divide the world again in "first" and "second" worlds, this time in a dispute between two coallitions.

Course of the war


On September 1, 2029, North Korea, a SCO member, invades South Korea in an attempt to unify the two Koreas again. The United States declares war on North Korea hours later. And all of NATO declares war on North Korea 2 weeks later. China tried to stay out of the war but eventually declared war on NATO. Now it's NATO vs SCO. North Korea launches a blitzkrieg against South Korea and captures key points quickly. A few days past and war breaks out in the Middle East when Iran declares war on Israel. Saudi Arabia declares war on Iran. Turkey begins the invasion of Syria supported by Iraq. Iran invades Iraq as a gate-way to help Syria. Most arab countries won't help Israel unless Israel gives independence to Palestine and Israel agrees.


War broke out in Southeast Asia when Myanmar invaded Thailand. India invades Myanmar and Myanmar's army was forced to retreat from Thailand.To prevent Myanmar being invaded from 2 directions, Laos and Cambodia invaded Thailand While China invaded India. Pakistan declared war on India while China invaded Taiwan. A huge naval battle occured in the South China Sea. Reinforcements had arrive to help South Korea ,but the Chinese troops overwhelmed South Korean troops. In the Middle East, Iran had invaded the United Arab Emirates as a gate-way to Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile in South America, Venezuela had invaded and conquered Colombia. Brazil had reacted by invading and reconquered Columbia's lost territories and Venezuela surrendered.


Because of Venezuela's defeat, Chile and Argentina invaded Peru, Bolivia, Brazil in a hope to retake Venezuela but it failed and South America is now under NATO alligned control. Iran has successfully invaded southern Saudi Arabia but failed to conquer Iraq. Russia and it's allies are invading the northern part of the Middle East to gain access to Iran and to invade Europe from 2 directions. In eastern Europe heavy fighting occures between NATO vs SCO. In southeast Asia, India had invaded eastern Myanmar so Myanmar surrendered, but then Thailand was losing fast so Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singaporean troops came in to help. Philippines is helping Taiwan defending itself from Chinese invasion. In Korea a stalemate occurred and a ceasefire is declared. In North America, a naval battle occurred between Russia and United States but because the US navy is stretched thin and is nearly wiped out by China, Russia wins. China has invaded and conquer Hawaii and is planning to distract American troops to the west coast so Russia can invade Alaska. China is planning to invade South America as a distraction, then prepare for an invasion on California.


Russia had invaded Alaska and was advancing deeper into North America. Egypt had invaded and conquer Libya and Sudan. Iran had been advancing deeper into Saudi Arabia but was soon blocked by Saudi Arabian and Israeli troops and was undergoing heavy fighting against Iraq at its borders. South Korea invaded and successfully conquer North Korea and the countries reunited at last. India is holding strong against China and Pakistan. Southeast Asia is now under NATO aligned control. China conquers Taiwan and had then began invading the Philippines but failed in conquering Indonesia and Australia. NATO forces had breakthrough the line in eastern Europe and is now invading western Russia.


A stalemate occurred in the fight in western Russia. Saudi Arabia is back to it's original borders and is preparing the invasion of southern Iran. The Russian advancement in North America is halted and a stalemate is declared. Australia and NATO friendly states in southeast Asia is halting Pakistani-Chinese advance in India and because of that USA has retaken Hawaii. Korean and NATO forces land full-scale invasion of Manchuria. Russian forces were advancing slowly in the Middle East. The SCO economy was running down and riots were becoming more common and harder to control.


Iraq and Saudi Arabia invaded Iran and is making progresses fast. SCO troops in India are retreating because of massive reinforcements from NATO friendly states. After heavy battles and a lots of cascualties, the USA had finally retaken Alaska with the help from Canada and is now preparing an invasion of eastern Russia, NATO forces are now advancing even deeper into Russia from the west. The Philippines retake lost territories and capture Taiwan. SCO was then on the brink of defeat and Russia was retreating from the Middle East. The capital of Russia was moved from Moscow to an unknown location. NATO friendly states invaded China from southeast Asia but was met with heavy resistance but progress is being made slowly.


With help India had gotten back to its original territories and Pakistan immedately surrendered. Saudi Arabia and Iraq had almost capture Iran but Iran has sworn that they will never surrender. Central Asia is invaded by NATO friendly states. USA and Canada invades eastern Russia. NATO was getting ever deeper into western Russia and had captured Moscow. Many SCO alligned countries have surrendered. SCO is in a desperate situation. Turkey invaded Russia from the south. India ,with Australia's reinforcements, invaded China from the west and is making progess fast.


Central Asia had been captured and Russia was crushed in a three front war. Iran had been captured. China surrenderd after having large parts captured by India, Australia,and Japan. Russia was then alone in the war and finally surrendered on November 11.

2037 and Beyond

After the war was over, NATO nations had installed democratic governments in all the SCO aligned countries and peace and stability (mainly in the war torn, Arabic countries in the middle east) had finally been achieved. Many new countries declared independence from Russia and China and some merged with nearby ones (ie. Tibet, parts of Siberia,Taiwan,Inner Mongolia,ect.)  Afterwards United Nations was reinstated and the world entered a great era of rebuild, peace, and democracy.

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