{{infobox military conflict Date: 2030-2046

|place= -Europe -north America -South America -parts of Africa -Asia

|Result= -coalition victory

           Collapse of the Middle East 
           American economy crashes 

Federation: •Russia •China •North Korea


World War 3 is a global war fought between many alliances and unions and lasted from August 15 2030 until (to be added). It began when North Korea invades South Korea and ended when (to be added).nee

The War

On August 15 2030, North Korea invades South Korea. USA declares war on North Korea. China declares war on USA. Taiwan declares independence and neutrality. Japan and Taiwan forms the Pacific Alliance but remains neutral.

Israel invades Palestine and Arab countries around Israel declares war on Israel and forms the Arab Alliance. SK and USA forms the Capitalist Alliance. China,North Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia forms the Communist Union.

Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and the rest of SE Asia joins the Pacific Alliance and declares war on China. Pakistan joins the AA. India and the rest of South Asia forms the South Asian Alliance. India and Pakistan starts to fight each other.

Israel launches a surprise attack against the AA. Turkey joins AA and the Israeli advance is halted. Canada joins the CA. All former USSR countries forms the Union of Socialist Countries. PA invades CU and signs an NAP with CA. SK began to advance in NK. The SAA and the CU began to fight each other.

Due to the growing influence of the USC in Europe, the rest of the countries in Europe forms the European Alliance. The Arab Alliance is angry about this and they takeover Cyprus completely. Minor fightings took place in Europe between the AA and the EA but hostilities are stopped.

No country in the world supports Israel, not even USA. Israel capitulated. India launches a surprise attack on Pakistan and quickly conquers it and invades Afghanistan. The Pacific Alliance invades Cambodia and quickly conquers it and they continue into Laos.

Soon, all of southeast asia is under the control of the Pacific Alliance. The AA retake all of their lost territories back from India. AA and SAA signs a peace treaty. Oceanian countries form the Oceanian Alliance and invades Indonesia but is repelled.

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