Woodfair Colony

The colony will be one of the first space colonies sent out by NASA to inhabit space. It will orbit Mars(which will be populated sparsely by then). The colony will be shaped like a donut and will house two million people. The designer, Mr. Woodfair, also lives in this colony.


One day, an unexpected meteor shower will hit the colony while the colonists fix its shield(which ironically protected them from these type of incidents) and the colony will be knocked out of orbit and start spiralling down straight towards Mars. The colony will hit a section of Mars that isn't populated. However, its collision will indirectly kill 100 people living in a nearby town.


Mr. Woodfair commited suicide after this incident along with many other people who couldn't bear to live with this tragedy. The survivors all had to race to the lifepods and were sometimes met with obstacles like falling debris or gravity fields that malfunctioned due to the meteor hitting one of the eight control centers of the Woodfair Colony. Some survivors went mad for the rest of their lives and others have permenant scars of bruises to remind themselves of the fateful Woodfair Disaster. Of the 2 million colonists, less than 2000 will survive.

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