War of 2016

June 6, 2016


July 6, 2016

  • North Korea
  • South Korea
  • Jordan
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Outcome: Coalition/South Korean Victory;
  • Reunification of Korea
  • North Korean Establish Military installations in Jordan and Bali which are later taken over by the respective countries upon their defeat
  • Korea becomes a complete Nuclear Superpower nation
  • Australian becomes a fully Independent country from the UK, dropping the Union Jack from its flag
  • Tensions brew in Vietnam, and between Vietnam and the Coalition.
  • Australian War of Independence
  • Major battles: Battle of Kaesŏng
  • Liberation of Rasŏn
  • Skirmish of Seoul
  • Fall of P'yŏngyang
  • Combatants

    Flag of Australia
    Flag of South Korea
    Flag of North KoreaNorth Korean Separatists
    Flag of USA
    Flag of IndonesiaIndonesia
    Flag of JordanJordan

    Flag of North KoreaNorth Korea
    Flag of VietnamVietnam
    Flag of GeorgiaGeorgia


    Flag of AustraliaPrime Minister Tony Abbott
    Flag of USAPresident Barack Obama
    Flag of South KoreaPark Geun-hye

    Flag of North KoreaSupreme Leader Kim Jong-un
    Flag of VietnamPresident Trương Tấn Sang








    The War of 2016 (also known as the Second Korean War) is 1 month long conflict between the two rivals North and South Korea.

    Cause Edit

    Following the appearance of North Korean soldiers marching in South Korean territory without authorization and the killing of an Australian tourist by the North Korean soldiers claiming to have assaulted them. Lacking evidence and the due to uniformed soldiers being in South Korean territory caused South Korea to apprehend the soldiers and questioned them for motives. The North Korean soldiers did not respond and were to be taken to caught, but Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un believed that South Korea unlawfully arrested the soldiers and demanded their release, but 10 eye witnesses came forward and told that the tourist did not assault the soldiers and that Kim is looking for a reason to attack and take Seoul. The witnesses revealed themselves to be North Koreans, but they wish to join the South Korea believing that Kim is a false leader and prophet. Kim threatens the South Koreans and tries to make them surrender soldiers by sending his personal lawyers down, but the South Korea refuses to give them up.

    An Artillery barrage hits the streets of Ch'unch'on killing several citizens including 12 American tourists and 1 Australian on leave soldier. South Korea speaks with Australia and the US telling them that Korea is warzone again and that all tourism is banned to all nations. They request aid from America and Australia, and they agree to deploy soldiers.

    Initial Rejection from the UK Edit

    South Korea also request support from the United Kingdom, but rejected due to having no cause to enter the war themselves. This caused a stir between the two countries and its current allies. Australia especially reacted badly due to the head of the Commonwealth refusing to help Australia, and a cold responsible saying that "None our citizens are killed or cities are attacked, so we have no cause to enter the fray." Leaving the Australians believing that the UK doesn't believe the citizens of Australia are a concern to them in such situations. After some persuasion from the US, Australia dropped the Union Jack from their flag and replaced it with an Eagle, including changing the insignias of the ranks of Warrant Officer Class 02, Major, Flight Sergeant and all other ranks and militaries that have a crown part of it to replacing it with a Crow. The UK treated the Australian's move of full independency as a tantrum and did not acknowledge it, despite being acknowledged by the UN, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Europe and all except the UK Western Europe. By June 29th the UK finally agreed to enter, but by the time they were ready the conflict was already over, but still didn't recognise the Independency of Australia.

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