Scenario: United States Presidential Election, 2016 ( Keeper111 )

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Democratic Party

  • U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts
  • Former Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico
  • Former Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts
  • Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland

Republican Party

  • U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire
  • Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico
  • Former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey
  • Sen. John Thune of South Dakota
  • Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania
  • Former Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia
  • Former Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska
  • Sen. Mike Lee of Utah
  • Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona
  • Sen. John Cornyn of Texas


Cornyn Running Mate- Sen. Kelly Ayotte(NH)

Richardson Running Mate- Gov. Jack Markell(DE)

Alabama- Cornyn/Ayotte

Alaska- Cornyn/Ayotte

Arizona- Cornyn/Ayotte

Arkansas- Cornyn/Ayotte

California- Richardson/Markell

Colorado- Richardson/Markell

Connecticut- Richardson/Markell

Delaware- Richardson/Markell

Florida- Richardson/Markell

Georgia- Cornyn/Ayotte

Hawaii- Richardson/Markell

Idaho- Cornyn/Ayotte

Illinois- Richardson/Markell

Indiana- Cornyn/Ayotte

Iowa- Richardson/Markell

Kansas- Cornyn/Ayotte

Kentucky- Cornyn/Ayotte

Louisiana- Cornyn/Ayotte

Maine- Richardson/Markell

Maryland- Richardson/Markell

Massachusetts- Richardson/Markell

Michigan- Richardson/Markell

Minnesota- Richardson/Markell

Mississippi- Cornyn/Ayotte

Missouri- Richardson/Markell

Montana- Richardson/Markell

Nebraska- Cornyn/Ayotte

Nevada- Richardson/Markell

New Hampshire- Cornyn/Ayotte

New Jersey- Richardson/Markell

New Mexico- Richardson/Markell

New York- Richardson/Markell

North Carolina- Richardson/Markell

North Dakota- Cornyn/Ayotte

Ohio- Richardson/Markell

Oklahoma- Cornyn/Ayotte

Oregon- Richardson/Markell

Pennsylvania- Richardson/Markell

Rhode Island- Richardson/Markell

South Carolina- Cornyn/Ayotte

South Dakota- Cornyn/Ayotte

Tennessee- Cornyn/Ayotte

Texas- Cornyn/Ayotte

Utah- Cornyn/Ayotte

Vermont- Richardson/Markell

Virginia- Cornyn/Ayotte

Washington- Richardson/Markell

West Virginia- Cornyn/Ayotte

Wisconsin- Richardson/Markell

Wyoming- Richardson/Markell

Sen. Elections

Republican Pick-Ups

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