The collapse of the United States occurred in 2018, after political, economic, and militaristic breakdown in the country. The signs started showing as early as 2014, and the country began going down hill from there. The US collapsed nearly over night.

The CollapseEdit

On January 4th, 2018, 11:27 PM Eastern Time, the US dollar fell to the worth of 250£. As the economy collapsed, corporations such as Disney, Microsoft, Sony, and others fell apart. The military, which was on the verge of defeat in Afghanistan following the country's invasion by Pakistan and the en masse desertion of soldiers of the Afghan Army, turned on itself in the US following the assassination of the president by an unknown individual. The state governments barely held together as the military, law enforcement, and government agencies began fighting each other. Mass riots occurred, crime started happening twice as much as usual, and anarchy consumed the country.

The AftermathEdit

The southern states banded together in a coalition known as the Confederate States of America. The west coast states became a republic known as the Federal States of Cascadia, and the north, east, and central states started a government called the United Republic of America. Fighting continued for several months, and the three nations argued who got which military units. New armed forces and agencies were formed by each government, though never reached the capabilities and strength the USA once had.