United States of Earth (English)

800px-Flag of Planet Terra svg
Official languages Anglico, local
Other Widely Spoken Languages Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian
Capital New Delhi, India
Population 13.6 billion (as of 2265)
83% cybernetically enhanced

Monique Rodriguez (Liberal)

Prime Minster

Jitender Dhatri (Liberal)

Establishment 2265
Denominym Terran
Currency Terro

United Earth was founded in 2206 by the World Federal Government, a successor to the United Nations, following the Great Crists. During its first few decades, its main political issues were combating terrorism in Asia and Africa, regulating the planetary economy, and preserving the planet's environment. 


The population of United Earth in 2265 is estimated to be 13,580,124,432. The average life expectancy is estimated to be 134 (131 male, 136 female). Population growth has been slowly decreasing during the past century due to birth control and space colonization.

It is estimated that 25.33% of the population speak primarily Mandarin Chinese, 16.19% speak Spanish, 16.02% speak English, and 13.15% speak Arabic. Government documents are written in English Manhish A Combination of Mandarin Chinese and English and Anglico, a combination of English and Spanish.

The presence of religion has rapidly declined, with only 25% of the world identifying as having a religion. The most common religions are Christianity and Islam. Most of the rest of the world is atheist.


The World Federal Governmentt was established in 2206 after representatives of various governments drafted a constitution for a democratic global government. The lead drafter was Mykhail Ossovitch from Ukraine. The constitution declared the peoples of the planet Earth were to be united by one semi-presidential federal government overseeing 450 state governments. Off-planet colonies were considered self-governing territories under the protection of Earth’s government.

There are currenly six political parties represented in the World Congress. The most powerful party is the Democratic Party, which favors less control over nanotechnology development and terraforming, states' rights, and Internet regulation. Its main rival, the Liberal Party, favors federalism and limiting corporate power. Other parties include the Green Part, the Socialist Party, the Free Market Party, and the Centrist Party.


Advanced technology plays an essential role on United Earth. Advances in medicine and genetic engineering have eradicated disease, cloning of body parts is widely accepted, virtual reality is a popular form of entertainment, and artificial intelligence is on the rise. Most technological advances are made in East Asia and the western coast of North America.

Space travel, along with terraforming is highly encouraged in order to preserve the human species while protecting Earth's natural environment. Several self-autonomous space colonies have already been established on the Moon and Mars. Antimatter spaceships have been built that can travel through the nearest stars within decades.

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