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Ukrainian Civil War
Date 9 November 2014 — 17 August 2015
Location Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
  • Fall of President Petro Proshenko
  • Dissolution of the Yatsenyuk government
  • Novorossiya recognized as independent state
  • Crimea recognized as Russian province
Yatsenyuk Government

Ukrainian Armed Forces flag Ukrainian Armed Forces (until 11 December)

  • Ukrainian Ground Forces emblem Ground Forces
  • Ukrainian Air Force emblem Air Force
  • Ukrainian Navy emblem Navy

Ukrainian police emblem Ministry of Internal Affairs

  • National Guard
  • Internal Troops

Western Junta
Ukrainian Insurgent Army flag Ukrainian National Army

Coalition Government

Flag of Novorussia (project).svg Union of Novorossiya

  • Donetsk People's Republic
  • Lugansk People's Republic
  • Kharkov People's Republic

Flag of Ukraine Unitary Republic of Ukraine
Ukrainian Armed Forces flag Unitary Armed Forces