Current projects

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Park shuttle at Monaco [

  • CityMobil project aims to develop and test integrated automated road vehicle systems that would transport passengers and goods in future cities. Prototype systems will be deployed in Heathrow, Castellón and Rome.


  • air pollution
  • reliance on oil
  • traffic jams
  • lifestyle (social) implications
  • overall cost to society
  • fatal accidents


  • In most cities, tram and public transport systems are excellent. It's considered a very long time to wait if you have to wait more than two minutes for a tram.
  • Cars are fewer, self-drive, and mostly (bio)diesel-electric, using the same efficient principle used by trains. Biodiesel comes from high yield genetically modified plants though it is still much more expensive fuel than naturally-occurring fuels were when they were pumped from the ground.
  • Bicycles have experienced a come-back. Custom manufacturing means they can be precisely made to your arm and leg length. Micro machines repair them if they go wrong. Bicycles are popular too because people are aware of their need for exercise. The flat reclaimed land of expanding coastal cities is ideal for bicycles.
  • Thanks to the very visible effects of Climate Change and other social changes, people are more concerned about health and the environment than they once were. It's regarded as mildly anti-social to own your own car. Many people share a company vehicle. Rather than park it on arrival, it will self drive to a less expensive parking location, possibly picking up paying non-company passengers en-route.
  • The days of cheap air travel are gone - the rise of micro machines has done little to bring the costs down. Travel licenses are difficult to obtain, and must be renewed at 3 year intervals. For many people it's more trouble than it's worth.
  • Air travel itself has become a much more pleasant experience. Security check-in with full body scanning is quick and non-invasive. Real people provide the airline's services from entry hall of the airport through to the door of the plane. Thanks to in-flight VR the journey can pass quickly. If you don't need to work on the flight, VR drugs (rhohypnol family) that are tailored to your metabolism can mix euphoria, relaxation, eroticism and solve jet-lag.

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