Required Explanation


This is a time machine... from a delorean? that needs to be dealt with before time travel can be treated as a serious scenario.

One possible way around this difficulty is if any race advanced enough to have time travel would also have the wisdom not to leave obvious clues in the past, a kind of prime directive. This might also go the other way, too. If something happens that is completely unexpected, this might (emphasis on might) be because some person in the far future was forced to set up the situation because they learned that they did this in the past. It is even possible that the physics of time travel limit what kind of change to the past can be made.

Arthur C Clarke in one science fiction story had time travel only be possible when 'there was a great release of energy'. You could travel to a past time, and rescue objects and people from it, only when/if it was on the brink of inevitable destruction.

If we had time travel...

The outcomes of such a scenario are highly dependent on the limitations of time travel - ranging from ability to view the past, without changing it to travel to alternative realities. There are close parallels with virtual reality, and most aspects of it are best discussed there.

Ability to make tiny changes in the past that ripple through to the present, would have such far reaching effects that they are probably beyond our imagination. There would need to be a science of the effects of small changes.

Dimensional / Time travel

The move through time may be more feasible by moving into other dimensions A lot of theories exist. Hard data is starting to emerge. Matter at the quantum level is strange quanta has qualities of existence and non existence. Movement between dimensions may be the only way we can travel to an equivalent rather than an actual past. The past is gone just like the future is yet to be but other dimensions are increasingly becoming apparent. Hahahah what a funny story mark.

key technologies

  1. flexible 8-Bit processor. Which is very significant technology for Desktop Semiconductor Foundry.
  2. Scalar broadcasting
  3. Particle and gravity field confirmation. Test results should become available in 2007, with wide scale emergence in 2008
  4. Artificial intelligence and Quantum computing



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