The Year is 2220 and this is a the story of my family and the role it played in the world affairs of Earth. Its been six months since the defeat of the evil Emperor Darien and his empire, New Spira and the establishment of the Planetary Federation Triumvirate. The story begins just over two centuries ago in the year 2015.

About the Scenario

This scenario, "The Year is 2200", a period in the future in which the scenario ends. The Scenario follows two families that played a major role in world affairs leading up to the Year 2220 in which the empire known as New Spira was overthrown by an alliance between the three biggest rebel factions, the Fedration Remnant, Empire-in-Exile, and English Consortium. The three rebel factions went on to form the Planetary Federation Triumvirate.


  1. Starts with 2016 US Presidential Campaign Season
  2. Numerous Wars
  3. Emperor Darien defeated
  4. New peace arrives on Earth with the establishment of the Planetary Federation Triumvirate


Timeline 1


  1. New Spira
  2. Federation Remnant
  3. English Consortium
  4. Empire-in-Exile
  5. Planetary Federation Triumvirate


  1. Bolivar Family
  2. Maximino Family
  3. Emperor Darien

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